Meet NHH 04

Meet NHH04

NHH 04 is a brand new Kenworth T909. Shiny black and lots of Chrome make this unit an impressive sight on the road. With a 600HP Cummins, 18 speed roadranger and 26,000kgs diffs on 6 rod suspension.

This all comes together to make impressive performance to match its good looks. This unit is rated at 180t capacity and it tows a new Drake 5 row of 8 swing wing, drop belly Low Loader. We have the option to add a 2 row of 8 dolly to increase our load capacity. Impressive sight combined with impressive performance we know as NHH04!

Kenworth's tradition of classic style continued with the T909, but this truck offers National Heavy Haulage much more than long-bonneted good looks. The T909 is versatile enough to operate in almost any application from logging to livestock, pulling a single trailer or a triple road train, where the front axle weight is critical.

We chose the T909 for National Heavy Haulage, as it has been designed and built in Australia to deliver unmatched performance in the harshest possible conditions.

Check out the NHH04 image gallery for some more awesome Kenworth T909 photos.