Meet NHH 02

C509 Kenworht

National Heavy Haulage's NHH 02 proves itself consistently in some of the roughest and toughest terrain in Australia for National Heavy Haulage and our clients. We love the very configurable C509 Kenworth, as it is perfect for very high mining and off-road applications, including remote road train, heavy haulage and mining service operations.

Joining our fleet in April 2010, the C509 Kenworth NHH 02 is rated at 250t GCM, features a 600HP Cummins with 18 speed r/r gearbox and a 2 speed Joey box.

These features are primarily designed to provide years of trouble free service for National Heavy Haulage and for your haul. Supreme performance combined with comfort and safety, makes the  C509 Kenworth NHH 02 one of the most durable trucks in our fleet on or off the road.

Latest Cummins Engine

The latest 600HP Cummins  engine technology powers the C509 Kenworth NHH 02. Electronic engine management allows us to tailor the engine for your exact needs, for longer, trouble free and more cost effective operation, improving durability and assisting in reducing fuel consumption. Making your job fast and efficient and reliable.

Rear Axle Suspension

All Kenworth suspensions are of the highest quality with proven performance and reliability, this is no exception for the C509 Kenworth NHH 02. For mining, roadtrain and some off highway applications, NHH 02 offers the tough, durable and low maintenance six rod Kenworth KW6-60A suspension. This suspension is renowned for its legendary longevity in the toughest conditions.

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