5 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Haulage Drivers

5 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Haulage Drivers

Australian heavy haulage is a job that requires drivers to be alert and quite often need to think outside the box. Although finding quality staff is sometimes tricky, there are a few people out there whose unique talents would make them perfect for the job. Here’s why these five TV characters would make great drivers in the heavy haulage industry:

1. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon probably wouldn’t find ‘theoretical physicist’ listed too often in the job ads of the Sydney Morning Herald, so he might need to take a fill-in job in the meantime. We think he would a great driver. Why? Can you imagine how quickly he could calculate maximum load weights, figure out the how much fuel you’d need for a long haul and what fuel stops you’d need to make on the way? Not to mention, if the GPS went bung, he could tell you the quickest and most efficient route off the top of his head!

2. Trevor Thong - The Flamin’ Thongs

“Smuggle me budgie” probably isn’t the best metaphor for hauling an oversize load, but this bloke comes with real qualifications for the job. He has loads of experience in dealing with bug attacks so would be well-accustomed to outback trucking and remote country mine sites.

3. Megan Fox - Two and a Half Men

What’s young Megan doing on this list? Well, she has shown her proficiency at washing things with a squeegee, a necessary skill for any truck driver, and we saw in Transformers that she has wonderful mechanical aptitude and the ability to dodge everything the road throws at her.

4. The Headless Horseman - Sleepy Hollow

This bloke can travel under the radar in more ways than one. Plus, he doesn’t have to duck to fit under low overhead bridges. Of course, time travel appears to be no object for him and he always manages to show up at his destination despite everything the road can throw at him – like losing his head!

5. Superman - Smallville, Superman, Lois and Clark…(the list goes on)

Like you don’t know what this bloke is doing here! Well, it sure would be handy to be able to jump out and lift the truck into the air sometimes to get down an awkward corner. The only problem is, with his x-ray vision, getting him away from well-patronised truck stops might occasionally be an issue. Of course, if he’s running late, he can always pick up the load and fly it to the destination. It’s easy to convince the boss your GPS is on the fritz if it shows you flying at 10,000 metres! (“Must be stuffed, boss.”)

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