Everything You Should Know About Truck Tyres

If you work in the heavy haulage industry, you'll know how important the tyres on your trucks are for making sure the job gets done. After all, you wouldn't get anywhere without those wheels! But do you know all the ins and outs of your tyres, and the different functions of all their components?

Understanding every aspect of your tyres will help you to know that your truck is operating at optimal safety – something we take very seriously here at National Heavy Haulage.

We thought truck drivers would enjoy this handy infographic to explain everything Australian heavy haulage drivers need to know about truck tyres, and here we're breaking down all that information for you so buckle up.

Tread strip

Made from a rubber compound, the tread strip is what makes your wheels able to function under all road conditions, providing the good grip that you need along with a high wear resistance. As you can imagine, this part of a truck tyre is vital in ensuring that you're safe no matter where you're driving. On occasion, the tread strip comprises of two different elements, the cap and the base. The base further adds to the safety provided by the tread strip, as minimises both the rolling resistance and the tread temperature.

Multi-ply steel belt

As the name suggests, this element of a truck tyre is made from steel cords that are embedded in a rubber compound. Again, this piece of the wheel is essential for your truck's safety, as it reduces rolling resistance and enhances driving stability. Not only that, it ensures the tyre will have a long service life and increases the structural strength of the tyre – something you will definitely need for heavy haulage across Australia.

Steel casing

Another hardworking piece of the tyre, the steel casing – made from steel cord – also adds to the structural strength of the tyre, along with giving it its deflection characteristics. However, this element isn't all about truck safety; it also significantly enhances the comfort for you, the driver.

Inner liner

This rubber compound tyre component will only be found in tubeless tires, where it is necessary to prevent the diffusion of air and moisture.


The sidewall is necessary for keeping your truck tyres in the tiptop condition needed for Australian heavy haulage, as is protects the tyre from the effects of the weather and lateral scuffing. It is made from a rubber compound.

Bead reinforcement

Made from nyton, aramide, and steel cord, this element of the tyre keeps the whole thing together, as it secures the end of the steel cord ply to the bead core. This is important for maintaining the safety of the tyre, as it reinforces the bead against high shear forces.

Bead core

Made from a rubber compound that is embedded with steel wire, the bead core is to ensure that the tyre has a firm fit to the rim.

Safety first

The function of each of the tyre's parts highlights just how important each element is to maintaining the safety of your tyres for haulage across Australia. Safety is something we consider to be of the utmost importance here at National Heavy Haulage, which is why we have a rock solid commitment to safety. We're proud of our impeccable safety record, and in particular we're dedicated to ensuring that it's not just the equipment that is safe – we make sure that people are too.

National Heavy Haulage is a leading Australian heavy haulage provider, offering a reliable oversize transport services trusted by some of the biggest names in the business. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your haulage requirements or get a quote for heavy haulage work.


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