Future Trucks: Mercedes Benz Autonomous Truck

It might be hard to imagine, but in the not too distant future autonomous trucks may become a vital part of Australia’s heavy haulage transport sector.

Just a few weeks ago, Mercedes Benz showcased its “Future Truck 2025” which travelled at highway speeds under autonomous control, navigating real-world obstacles on a stretch of Germany’s Autobahn.

Is the Future Truck the future of heavy haulage?

As the video shows below, the aptly named Highway Pilot system aims to give drivers a temporary break from the physical and mental stresses of driving long, monotonous stretches of highway.

Similar to a plane’s autopilot, the driver remains behind the wheel while the automated system takes control and navigates common traffic obstacles using powerful sensors and cameras, which can be managed at the touch of a tablet screen. In addition to addressing driver comfort, Mercedes Benz’ Future Truck is designed to conserve resources and reduce emissions.

How does the Future Truck work?

The base features of the Future Truck 2025 prototype include:

  • Forward facing radar sensors and cameras
  • Side and rear facing sensors
  • Advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communications system
  • Advanced exit warning to prompt the driver to resume control
  • Tablet control and monitoring
  • Once activated, the driver’s seat is rotated 45 degrees
  • Specifically designed for highway driving

While the demonstration earlier this month in Germany showed a road-ready prototype, as its name suggests, the Future Truck 2025 isn’t expected to be deployed until 2025.  No doubt between now and then there will be much legislative and infrastructure issues to address, let alone convincing the general motoring public of the safety of autonomous driving.

In the meantime, trust our heavy haulage fleet

While the manufacturing giants around the world work towards making autonomous trucks a reality for the mainstream heavy logistics industry, National Heavy Haulage will continue to move Australia’s heavy and oversized equipment with its industry-leading drivers and modern fleet of Kenworth prime movers. With depots in Brisbane, Emerald, Perth, Karratha and Thornton, National Heavy Haulage offers you a simpler and reliable oversized transport service. Call us today on 1300 79 22 49 or contact us for a quick and easy oversize transport quote.

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