Australian university makes progress towards hydrogen fuel future

Alternative Fuels for Trucks - Hydrogen

At National Heavy Haulage, we like to keep you updated on how advances in technology are changing the face of the heavy transport industry, particularly how renewable fuels are making trucking more efficient and cleaner for the environment. This time round, we’re sharing news that research conducted at the Australian National University (ANU) is opening up new possibilities for manufacturing hydrogen as a cheap and clean source of fuel.

Will hydrogen be a future for the heavy transport sector?

Hydrogen, which is already used to launch space craft, offers potential as a zero-carbon replacement for petroleum products. However, before now the production of hydrogen through plant photosynthesis has been poorly understood.

ANU co-researcher Professor Ron Pace said that their effort in creating a naturally-occurring protein replicates the capture of energy from sunlight. “It’s the beginning of a whole suite of possibilities, such as creating a highly efficient fuel, or to trapping atmospheric carbon,” Professor Pace said. He also added that large amounts of hydrogen fuel produced by artificial photosynthesis could transform the economy.

Global change driving the need for alternative fuel sources

With fuel scarcity, skyrocketing prices, and other related factors of growing concern for the heavy transport industry and the rest of the world, the pursuit of cheaper and cleaner fuel alternatives is well underway.

Other recent technologies and developments in the alternative fuel sector are already on the way to changing the game for transport companies in Australia. Following the recent release of Caltex TecDiesel Advantage and visions for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to be rolled out along the Eastern Seaboard, transport companies will continue to wait and see what prevails.

New developments in the heavy transport industry

If you’re an Australian transport company, heavy transport truckie or just a keen follower on the Australian transport industry, keep an eye on our News section for further developments in this space. You might also want to read one of other recent articles on transport technology:

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