Top 5 Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres: Part 1

Truck driver safety is a top priority of everyone in the heavy transport industry. Dangerous truck tyres don't just slow down a job; they put truckies at risk, a risk that can easily be avoided. In this series on truck tyre safety, we're going to look at some of the common problems, causes and how we can minimise these risks to keep truck drivers and heavy haulage contractors safe on the road. Thanks to Continental Truck Tyres for highlighting some key issues and images for some of the more common issues faced by truck drivers.

Impact breaks & tread break up

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 1 Impact Break

It sounds like the story of the Elephant and the Mouse, but when driving at high speeds, the smallest of objects can cause major issues for truck tyres. Small, sharp, angular objects like stones can create an impact break, breaking up the tread and tyre casing. Impact breaks can be sudden, and put the truck driver's safety at risk. You're more at risk when:

• Over inflating your tyres
• Carrying a load that's too heavy or unsuited to the rig

To protect yourself, make sure you:

• Check your tyre pressure, and match it to the load your carrying
• Avoid objects on the road, pass around them slowly when possible


Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 1 Cuts

Cuts are another common problem on the road. Materials from nearby construction sites, bits of metal, glass, even sharp rocks can cause cuts in a tyre.

If you find yourself stuck on the pointy end, a tyre expert can usually repair or remould tyres for isolated and deep cuts.

Stressed tread area

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 1 Stressed Tread Area

Quickly spinning drive wheels can wear, tear and stress the tread area of your tyres, and when driving over unsealed roads, cuts and abrasion are common. Certain situations can jeopardise your truck's tyre safety, the risk of a stressed tread is more likely when:

• There's a lot of moisture in the ground; increased moisture means tyres are more likely to slip and wear quicker
• Tyres are over inflated

To avoid the dangers:

• Pick different tyres if you know you'll be operating in certain situations
• Adjust your tyre pressure; do not over inflate your tyres

Flat spot

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 1 Flat Spot

Flat spots occur due to sharp breaking. They're normally due to emergency breaks, or a truck's breaking system locking up. This is normally caused by:

• Incorrect adjustments to trailer breaks
• Defective breaking systems

Flat spots are extremely dangerous truck tyres, to you and others on the road, so:

• Avoid sharp breaking unless absolutely necessary
• Look into installing an automatic, anti-lock breaking system
• Check your breaks and breaking system - do they need adjustment?

Carcass rupture

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 1 Carcas Rupture

When an object becomes stuck between dual tyres, there's the risk of extreme sidewall damage to tyres, even the breaking apart of the tyre casing. You should regularly check for any objects that could be trapped between tyres.

To remove trapped objects:

• Deflate the tyres while safely parked off the road
• If still trapped, the outer tyre may need to be removed

Australian Truck Driver Safety

These are just some of the common issues truckies face on the road. Truck tyre safety and getting dangerous truck tyres off the road, is of the utmost importance in keeping truck drivers safe. So keep safe, and keep on rolling.

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