Top 5 Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres: Part 2

In part 1 of our series on truck tyre safety for the haulage industry, we looked at some common types of impact damage, including: breaks, cuts, stressed tread, flat spots and carcass rupture. In the second part of this series, we take a special focus on tyre tread in our regular blog articles for heavy haulage companies. Thanks to Continental Truck Tyres for pointing out some key issues and example imagery.

Truck Tyre Tread

A lack of tread makes for dangerous truck tyres. Bike tyres, truck tyres and even shoes have tread. It's the stuff that keeps us firmly gripped to the ground, but too much wear can leave your rig without a grip to the road. It's that lack of traction that can cause accidents and put a truck driver's safety at risk.

Abnormal one-sided wear

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 2 Abnormal one-sided wear

One-sided wear of a tyre occurs when the tyre's position causes it to drag across the direction of motion, damaging and causing the tyre to become unstable. This is commonly a cause of:

• Crooked axles, causing tyres to run on an angle
• Poor wheel alignment, causing tyres to point either in or out
• Consistently taking corners too fast

If you want to fix the problem, it's best to check your speed, and have a specialist correct your axle and wheel alignment.

Abnormal one-sided wear on both sides in the shoulder area

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 2 Abnormal one-sided wear both sides shoulder area

When one-sided wear occurs but on both sides of your tyres, it's a sign of high lateral strain – tyres dragging across the direction of motion. This is normally caused by:

• Taking those corners to fast.
• Working with under inflated tyres.

This is a problem that tends to increase if you have a high centre of gravity in the truck. To remedy, ensure you're using the right tyre pressure. The tyre pressure should be matched to the load conditions for optimum truck driver safety.

Abnormal one-sided wear in the shoulder area

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 2 Abnormal one-sided wear shoulder area

An abnormal wear in the shoulder area normally occurs in trailer tyres for any number of reasons. When this happens check both the truck, and the trailer for signs of the following:

• A high centre of gravity in the vehicle
• Loads that could be unsteady
• Any one-sided load distribution; try to distribute evenly where possible
• A bent or damaged trailer tow-bar
• Check the trailer coupler ring; make sure there's no play between the truck and trailer

Once you've checked to see which of these might be the culprit, you can stabilise it by maintaining your maximum tyre pressure evenly across the load.

Abnormal centre wear

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 2 Abnormal centre wear

Abnormal centre wear normally occurs when your tyre's pressure is too high, or a large number of your run's are being made without or just a partial load.

A simple change for truck tyre safety would be to: adjust your tyre pressure, allowing your rig to adapt to the changing load situation.

Scale-like wear

Dangerous Truck Tyres Part 2 scale-like wear

The strain of tyres slipping against the direction of movement creates that lateral strain, and can also produce a scale-like wear across the tyre surface. Not enough tyre pressure and a light wheel load can make matters worse.

The best call to action is to again, adjust your tyre pressure to avoid costly damage, and avoid driving with dangerous truck tyres.

National Heavy Haulage dedicated to truck safety

In the Australian heavy haulage industry where safety comes first, we are dedicated to truck and driver safety and tyres are just one of the many areas involved. Known for our enviable track record and commitment to safety, National Heavy Haulage are freight specialists so contact our experienced team for a quote on 1300 79 22 49.

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