Drive to Save Lives campaign

Drive to Save Lives campaign

Every year, way too many people lose their lives on Queensland roads. The impact of these fatalities is absolutely devastating - emotionally, socially and financially. What makes contemplating them even worse is the knowledge that the vast majority of accidents can be prevented. Whether they're caused by fatigue, carelessness or substance use, they don't have to happen.

The Drive to Save Lives initiative is all about reducing accidents on Queensland's roads. It asks EVERYONE in the state to band together to focus on road safety, thereby preventing injuries and deaths.

How can you get involved?

There are numerous ways to get involved. At the simplest level, you can take part every single time you get behind the wheel - or jump into a car as a passenger. Concentrate on driving safely, avoid risk-taking and follow the road rules. That includes everything, from limiting your speed to putting on your seatbelt and reminding everyone else in the vehicle to do so, too.

Second up, you can play an important role by spreading the word. Hop on Facebook and join the Drive to Save Lives community. This will mean that you'll be updated on developments. Let the organisers know of your support by sending them a message or leaving a comment. The more people involved, the better.

What's happening at the organisational level?

Road safety involves absolutely everyone - from drivers to community organisations to the government. So Join the Drive is working with a wide range of groups and individuals. At the moment, there are four community action groups, which you'll find in Emerald, Logan, Toowoomba and Townsville. They are working hard at grass roots level, to identify specific road safety issues in their areas and make changes to improve them.

In addition, eleven businesses from all over the state have showed their support by uniting in an official coalition. They're looking at safety within their own practices, and using their brands to promote sensible driving.

Who else advocates road safety?

National Heavy Haulage is a company dedicated to providing reliable heavy haulage transport in Australia. It was established especially to provide assistance for the mining and construction industries. The focus is on delivering your goods, on time and on budget, regardless of the size of the task.

Do you have any mates who might be interested in learning about the Drive to Save Lives campaign? Please feel free to pass on this article or give us a call to discuss our commitment to safe driving on the roads.Our check out our blog on some great tips to stay safe on the road

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