8 rules for on-the-road fitness

8 rules for on-the-road fitness

There’s no doubt that truckies are up against it when it comes to keeping fit on the road. With Australians among the unhealthiest people on the planet, you may even start to think that letting yourself go is inevitable.

You’ve got tight deadlines; you forgot your running gear.... Shhhh, can you hear that? It’s all your other poor excuses for not keeping fit while on the road. Living healthy, even losing weight is possible while driving a truck.

This latest article in our series on trucker health gives you 8 life hack rules for staying healthy on the road.

1.  Make a commitment

Rule number one; get your head in the game. Think about and set achievable health goals. Then tell a friend or colleague who’ll keep you accountable. Alternatively, you could write it down, take a picture on your phone, and use it as a wallpaper. That way you’ll see it every time you make a call or surf the net.

2.  Pack and plan appropriately

One convenient thing about driving long haul is there’s always room to store some personal gear. So, before you set off, don’t forget your gym bag. Throw in running shoes and socks, a jump rope, resistance bands and a mat. If you can, plan your route to take in truck stops with an adjacent park, to give you safe room to exercise.

3.  15 minutes each day

No matter how busy your day is, you can squeeze in 15 minutes. Make it part of your schedule. Plan it into your day. Soon this regular ritual will become a constant in your life when your day-to-day location and cargo change. Top tip - Never skip two in a row.

4.  Make it count

If you only have 15 minutes each day, make them count. Get that heart rate up. Make your exercise vigorous and find exercises that work multiple muscle groups to save time.

5.  Post-workout meal

You’ve finished your workout, now you’re suddenly starving. The good thing is that research shows you continue burning calories for a little while after a workout. If you choose the right snacks you can regain that lost energy and burn off what you eat. Stay away from the fried stuff like chips. Instead choose light snack that are full of protein and carbs.

6.  Meals every three hours

Eating regularly during the day keeps your metabolism steady. Knowing when your next meals is helps combat extreme hunger, which can result in binge eating on bad foods. Start the day with a good breakfast and schedule your meals every 3 hours. Staying alert is crucial for truckies so keep up your intake.

7.  Healthy snacks

If your heavy haulage route is going to take you out bush, and you know pickings will be slim for good food, plan ahead. Having a well-stocked cooler or refrigerator can make eating healthy on the go easier. Good snacks include things like fruit, chopped veg, nuts, rice cakes and more.

8.  Tracking is key

Our last golden life hack rule is keep track. There are plenty of apps that let you quickly and easily track progress. Set your goals and track calories and exercise easily, then you can share your achievements on social media for that much needed social support. If reception is tricky, as it often is in the bush, a simple pencil and paper will do to track your progress.

National Heavy Haulage for healthy drivers

At National Heavy Haulage, the health and wellbeing of our drivers is crucial. If you liked this article, don’t forget to check out our other driver health articles like our Top on-the-road snacks for better trucker health and mental health support for truckies, FIFO and DIDO workers. You can also find out more about our services and our Australia-wide heavy haulage fleet. For a competitive quote, contact us on 1300 79 22 49 today.

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