7 interesting facts about trucks

Trucks are fantastic machines, which we rely on more heavily than many of us realise. This guide to trucks will encompass a few little known facts about the vehicles themselves, the people who drive them, and the culture and environments they are associated with. Let the truck facts begin! 

1.    The stats behind sleeping fatalities

Trucks and truck driving has long been synonymous with dangerous conditions and fatalities from falling asleep at the wheel. The statistical reality is much less sobering than you would imagine. In fact, only four times out of one hundred is there a sleep deprivation related fatality on the road. Tragic in these instances, yes, however the statistics of surviving your journey are largely in your favour if you are smart about the way you drive, and take appropriate precautions, such as power naps. 

2.    Who is usually responsible for fatalities on the road: truck drivers or car drivers? 

The answer to this truck fact may surprise you. According to the AAA - The Automobile Association of America, an astounding 98% of fatal accidents between a car and a truck are found to be caused primarily by the car driver. There are various factors that could be to blame, such as inattention to the road, driver fatigue, cutting in front of trucks and a lot more. Check out how Australian roads rate for safety?

3.    Handbrake colour

Did you know that the colour of the handbrake in trucks is usually red? This is just one of those truck quirks that many people don't realise. 

4.    Truck nicknames

In 'trucker' culture, many of the makes and models have 'code names' for trucks, used almost exclusively between truck drivers. For example, what we know as a tow-truck is colloquially referred to as a 'draggin' wagon' in the truck driving community. This type of truck isn't the only one to have a special name - just about all of them do! 

5.    World records

In 2005, a record was set by the French for 'world's largest tractor'. All together, the vehicle weighed around 600 tonnes! 

6.    Illegal activity

Since the law was introduced in 2007, it is now actually illegal to smoke in trucks. While many drivers choose to ignore this regulation, it is a standard guide to trucks and truck drivers that could find the responsible person in a bit of trouble, and a lot of debt. Check out some tips for truckies to stay legal on mobile phones.

7.    Another record

Japanese vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu broke the record for 'largest number of trucks manufactured in one year'. This record was broken in 2011, with 447,359 trucks made for the period of one year. No manufacturer has been able to beat this record since.

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