Environmental Innovation in the UK Haulage Industry

Environmental Innovation in the UK Haulage Industry

Across the entire industrial and transport sectors, industry leaders are growing increasingly conscious of the need for environmentally friendly practices. Innovation has come ahead by leaps and bounds, particularly in recent years. Alternative fuels are now becoming a reality on the Australian Eastern seaboard so let’s have a look at the UK haulage industry and see what their transport industry is doing to become more environmentally friendly.

The UK government's demonstration programme

In the UK, the government has decided to increase the speed of change via a demonstration programme to the tune of 9.5 million pounds. The Technology Strategy Board and the Department of Transport have acquired several vehicles that run on alternative energy, as well as some dual fuel HGVs. Their hope is that by demonstrating that they can do it, they'll encourage the industry to gradually adapt to changing practices and attitudes.

A part of this attitudinal change they aim to curb negative perceptions that alternative energy sources are somehow less reliable or less powerful that the traditional staples that we know so well.

Provision of funding

In addition, the programme is putting its money where its mouth is by helping out operators financially. Any company that decides to purchase more environmentally-friendly vehicles will receive partial funding, making the transition easier. What's more, the money will extend beyond vehicles to the provision and installation of charging points.

The future

The UK government hopes that this combination of demonstration and financial support will prove that swapping to low-carbon vehicles can be done, without fear of inefficiency, unreliability and/or taking significant financial risks. It'll be interesting to see what impact the study has in the UK and any on flow effects for the Australian heavy logistics industry.

About National Heavy Haulage

Watch this space for further updates on environmental innovation in the Australian heavy haulage industry. National Heavy Haulage, established in 2010, is already one of the key players in heavy haulage in Australia. Regardless of being newly formed, we carry generations of experience and from the outset quickly developed a reputation for reliability, efficiency and exceptional standards of safety. Our expert team members are not only incredibly knowledgeable, they're also friendly. Going the extra mile is part of the job.

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