The weirdest truck spills ever

The weirdest truck spills ever

The heavy vehicle industry is based on hauling heavy machinery and freight from point A to point B, but sometimes things go wrong and the freight ends up somewhere closer to point Z.

We have collated a collection of the some weird and wonderful spills from across the globe. Are these the weirdest truck spills ever?


In 2005 a truck in Utah rolled and lost its load of explosives, and not just a few – 35,000 pounds worth! The truck blew up, leaving a crater 30 feet deep and 70 feet across. In a win for truck driver safety, unbelievably, no one died.

A 56-foot whale

A beached whale on its way to a research facility in Taiwan via a flatbed truck suddenly and spontaneously combusted. Apparently gases had built up inside the whale as it lay in the sun, and they finally exploded in a flood of whale guts. Nice.


In 2005 a driver cut off a truck carrying more than 2,000 cases of Grolsch beer, causing it to flip. One officer called to the scene was stunned by the lake of beer that was produced by the crash. Once his job was done, he didn’t have to go far for a cold one.


Firefighters in China had their work cut out when a truck loaded with buckets of construction glue crashed. Water guns didn’t work and their spades and brooms soon got stuck in the mess. Finally it was dissolved using special chemicals.


In 2007 a huge amount of cocaine ended up all over a Colombian road when a cartel's truck crashed. What do you do when you lose a load of highly illegal cargo? We’re guessing the drug dealers didn’t wait around for police assistance.

18,000 kg of ice cream

This was an amazing crash, where a truck carrying ice cream spilled its delicious cargo all over a road in Indiana. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla - ice cream as far as the eye can see. Spilt milk might not be worth crying over, but ice cream is a different story.


Millions of no doubt angry bees were spilled when a truck in California crashed. Witnesses reported seeing a weird black haze hovering over the crash. That’s not a cloud – its millions of bees! Two days (and many bee stings later) crews had the mess cleaned up.

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