Top 5 drifting mine truck videos

When you consider that a Cat 797F, Caterpillar’s largest and highest payload capacity dump truck, has an operating weight of 623+ tonnes, it’s not hard to understand how serious accidents can occur especially when conditions become too slippery to maintain traction.

Mining machinery manufacturers are constantly inventing new systems that increase traction in treacherous conditions, as well as more advanced braking systems. With so many systems at play to prevent drifting, we were surprised to find so many videos of exactly that.

We hope you enjoy our top 5 drifting mine truck videos. Check them out!

* Just remember that drifting in a mining dump truck will almost certainly get you fired. It’s not safe for you nor for those near you. And it’s certainly no way to behave in a machine worth in excess of $5.7M.

5. Is out of control the same thing?

The picture quality isn’t great, which is part of the reason it’s at number 5.

4. To promote diesel engine manufacturer MTU

3. To promote data protection company EMC (?!)

2. Watch this mine truck slide, fully laden down a hill

It’s worth noting that this Komatsu HD150 is helped through this slippery situation by automated computer controls that correct and steer the gear changes to push traction to its fullest. Simply put, it’s amazing.

1. As seen on Aussie Gold Mine on Discovery

We hope you enjoyed these clips. We certainly did.

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