Safety Truck coming to town near you

The fatal crash rate for articulated trucks improved by more than 60% between 1982 and 2007. Road design, vehicle design, technology, seat belts, speed management, licencing and accreditation schemes are among the top gains during this period.

That said, the number of fatal crashes involving articulated trucks has remained relatively constant since 1991. The Australian Trucking Association (ATA), as the trucking industry’s peak body, is doing its bit to make our roads safer through its mobile road safety exhibition. In case you missed it… the ATA’s Safety Truck.

What is Safety Truck?

The Safety Truck is a travelling road safety exhibition. It travels to shows and exhibitions around Australia clearing up some of the stigma associated with truck drivers, and educating all drivers on how to share the road safely with trucks.

The Safety Truck features a range of heavy-vehicle-related road safety videos and custom safety apps, much of which is targeted at younger drivers.

Truckies Top Tips

The ATA’s Safety Truck travels around the country delivering important safety messages to make sharing the road with trucks as safe as possible. On board are entertaining, informative and interactive activities and videos demonstrating road safety concepts such as avoiding blind spots, cutting in and turning vehicles, as well as driver distraction and seatbelts.

Here are a few of the concepts covered by the Truckies Top Tips:

  • Avoid blind spots
  • Signal well in advance when stopping or turning
  • Never cut in front of a truck that is slowing down
  • Avoid tailgating a truck
  • Dip your high beams early when coming up behind a truck (truck mirrors don’t have an anti-glare position).

As of July 2015, the Safety Truck was touring the Northern Territory, which included visits to the Katherine Show (Jul 17-18) and the Royal Darwin Show (Jul 23-25). To find out where the Safety Truck is going next or to arrange a visit, go to

Truck drivers, like those in the heavy haulage industry, do their part to make sure they drive safely. However, it is also the duty of other drivers to be keep clear of blind spots, give trucks room to move and drive safely and predictably.

National Heavy Haulage has an enviable record in truck driver safety. As mass freight and heavy lift specialists, we work hard to operate no accidents, no damage and most importantly no worker injuries.

If you would like to find out more about National Heavy Haulage and how we ensure the highest level of road safety, please contact us on 1300 79 22 49. 

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