Kenworth brings back the iconic Australian T950

Known for its muscle and its ability to endure harsh Aussie climates, Kenworth’s T950 was brought back to market recently with a limited edition of 75 trucks. Though the T950 hasn’t been on the market since 2007, enthusiasts have followed the legend and were more than keen to be a part of the T950 legacy. Within 48 hours, the entire inventory was snapped up.

Features of Kenworth's T950

Some of the features that are cherished by its past and present owners are its imposing figure, the raised cab and the long bonnet, which prevents engine intrusion into the cab.

One look under the hood will excite any enthusiast, as they will find a beige ISXe5 Cummins engine inside.

Unique production feature

One of the most noteworthy features of this truck is that it was built on the production line in Kenworth’s Australian factory at Bayswater in Victoria and the T950 Legend will be a strictly limited build of only 75 trucks.

When Kenworth has rolled out limited edition vehicles in the past, they’ve been a modified version of an existing truck, such as the Diretor series T909. Creating the T950 in this way, on the production line, has caused some to speculate whether or not additional production should be expected of this or other retired vehicles.

Another great finding on this limited edition is that the interior of the truck retains its traditional look and feel, with a woodgrain gear knob and Kenworth and Cummins badging.

Kenworth legacy

For years this truck has been a favourite of heavy haulage and transport companies, as well as loggers and livestock haulers. 

Kenworth's history in Australia dates back to the 1960s, when innovative Australians George Blomfield and Ed Cameron imported Kenworths that were made in the USA. Since then, production has been brought to Australia, as Kenworth has expressed an interest in supporting the Australian economic drive to keep Australia moving.

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