How to choose your heavy haulage transport partner


First, consider the types of goods you produce

These are the products you will be hiring the heavy haulage company to haul. Next, consider the experience the company has with successfully shipping those types of goods. If your company is shipping an item that is fragile, ensure that the company has experience with hauling fragile or oversize equipment. If, after doing a bit of due diligence, you find that they are experienced in this area, then they can remain in the running as your heavy haulage company.

Next, consider delivery time

It’s likely in the sales process that you’ve promised to deliver the equipment to your client within a particular time frame. Speak with the heavy haulage company's logistics team. Gain an understanding about how they schedule their jobs, their honesty in estimating time accurately and the size and availability of their fleet. This is an important consideration. Once you’ve partnered with them, in some cases they may become the face of your company as they make deliveries on your behalf. Take special care in assessing their ability to deliver on time.

Finally, after you’ve considered the company’s ability to transport the types of goods and equipment you move, their experience and their ability to deliver on time, assess their rates. Given the competitive market, with various transport companies, the pricing should be fairly competitive. It’s important that you are aware of the going rates for haulage in the market. While you should look for a company with affordable prices, also take factors, such as customer service, reputation and trust, into mind. Though these intangibles can’t be put into numbers, they are vital to your decision as you research various Australian heavy haulage companies.

Here at National Heavy Haulage, we specialise in being one of the premier transport companies in Brisbane that services Australia wide. We can help you create a transport solution that works for your business. Whether you are looking to load, doze, grade or haul, we have the equipment you need to complete the job.

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