What are Australia’s most dangerous jobs?

Every job has its risks, but many workplaces in Australia can be downright dangerous – and deadly.Drawing upon data from Safe Work Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a life insurance company put together a sobering list of the jobs most likely to kill or injure Australians - and if you drive a lot for work, number one will shock you.

1. Truck driving

People working in the transport sector – including truck drivers doing heavy transportation, postal and warehousing workers – have been found to have the most dangerous jobs down under.

Transport Workers Union national secretary Tony Sheldon recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that truck drivers are 15 times more likely to die than workers in any other industry and the statistics for the heavy transportation sector’s deaths and injuries back up his claim.

The transport and storage industry recorded 65 fatalities and 8,450 serious injuries in the year to 2014, with the majority of fatalities coming from crashes. The biggest cause of injury is from lifting and carrying.

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2. Forestry, farming and fishing

Coming at number two, the agricultural sector – which includes forestry, fishing and farming - recorded 53 deaths and 3,815 serious injuries in the same period.

But whereas the figures for transport came from a pool of 600,000 workers, the agriculture industry has just over 300,000 – making it statistically more dangerous.

3. The construction sector

In third place, Australia’s construction sector had 30 deaths and 12,485 injuries from a pool of almost a million workers.

The most common cause of death was found to be falling from a height, which was behind 40% of the sector’s fatalities.

Safety always comes first

At National Heavy Haulage, reports like this make us even more determined to ensure the safety of our workers in the heavy freight transport sector and encourage other heavy transport companies to do the same.

We know truck driving is a dangerous industry, and we work hard to ensure that our drivers operate in a safe environment so they can return home in one piece.

That’s why we promote a strong driver safety culture that includes regular safety briefings, random drug and alcohol testing and strict policies for fatigue and road visibility.

We also maintain our fleet of trucks and heavy transport trailers to the highest standards and comply thoroughly with all state and federal regulations for heavy equipment transport.

At National Heavy Haulage, we are one of Australia’s leading heavy machinery transport companies and we don’t compromise on safety. This allows us to give far better service because of that, to our customers and our workers. Contact us to see how we can work with you.

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