How to safely share the roads with trucks

We've all seen it happen. Some motorists get the idea that they need to be in front of certain vehicles. People just can't wait to zip in front of cars with L plates, cars of an older make that maybe don't look like they have the grunt to get up hills, and trucks.

Truckers, transport companies and those who drive an oversize load all know that car drivers are often tempted to cut in front of trucks especially. This is a downright dangerous activity. Due to their immense weight and size, trucks need extra room to brake and come to a complete stop. Cars that whip in front of trucks contribute to unsafe road practices that result in a lot of car accidents. Did you know that of all the truck crashes in Australia that involve more than one vehicle, only one in four are the fault of the truck driver?

The roads can get mighty crowded over the Christmas break as people travel far and wide to spend time with family and friends. Over this break, truckers wish to remind drivers on the road about how risky it can be to slip in front of the gap that's in front of a truck.

Read on for some advice about how standard cars and trucks can safely share the road together.

  • Safety over speed - It sounds obvious, but some people need reminding that the road should be a space that vehicles use together. It's not a competition about who can get there first, but about how to minimise risk en route to your destination. If you have this as an idea, it will be less tempting to overtake in a tight spot rather than wait for a safe opportunity.
  • Leave space to stop - You should always give trucks plenty of room to stop in all road conditions. It is especially important that cars never try to pull in front of a truck which is attempting to slow for a red light.
  • Be considerate of size - The sheer size of trucks gives them some different road rules. Trucks are allowed to turn from the centre lane to turn a corner, and will move slower on roundabouts.

Please remember that this safety guide is at your discretion. Road conditions can throw you plenty of curve balls, and it's your job to adapt to the conditions for both driver safety and trucker safety alike.

For more information on National Heavy Haulage's commitment to road safety in Australia, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Check out the informative Safety Truck video to illustrate our point - please keep each other safe on the roads and don't cut in front of trucks!

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