Extension to Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame opened in Alice Springs

Extension to Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame opened in Alice Springs

The Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame marked its 10 year anniversary with a grand opening of a major new extension to its premises on Friday 28th August 2015.

The formal ceremony took place in front of hundreds of guests from all over Australia and New Zealand, and was conducted by Mike Dozier, managing director of PACCAR Australia, and the CEO of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, Liz Martin.a

What is the Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame?

Taking inspiration from the aforementioned National Road Transport Hall of Fame, iconic Australian truck manufacturer Kenworth decided to open its own space dedicated to sharing its history.

The Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame first opened in Alice Springs in 2005 and has been visited by tens of thousands of truck aficionados since.

Why Alice Springs?

Kenworth are based in Victoria, but chose Alice Springs as the location for the museum as the Northern Territory town is symbolic as being both the geographic centre of Australia and the embodiment of remoteness – it provides a unique challenge for Australian heavy haulage companies and truck manufacturers.

What does the extension involve?

The extension, which means the Hall of Fame now occupies 4,000m2 of space, has been named the JJ Hurley Pavilion, in honour of Jim Hurley who is, fittingly, celebrating his company’s golden jubilee as a Kenworth dealership this year.

The 2,000m2 Pavilion incorporates further exhibitions celebrating the history of Kenworth and their trucks, and brings the number of trucks on permanent display at the site up to 25.

In ‘cutting the ribbon’ at the unveiling, Dozier said: “The Kenworth and Dealer Hall of Fame provides a fantastic venue for truck lovers of all persuasions to reflect on the long history of the Kenworth brand, and just some of the characters that have played a part in our journey – employees, suppliers, dealers, customers and drivers alike.”

The size of the crowd who turned up to hear those words, suggest that this is a pretty sacred place for Australian truck enthusiasts.

At National Heavy Haulage, we appreciate the strength and durability of Kenworth trucks on a daily basis for our heavy haulage operations in Queensland, Brisbane and the rest of Australia. If you think your company could benefit from everything Australia’s premier truck manufacturer can provide, give us a call today.

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