Top 10 best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers

For obvious reasons, it’s against the law for drivers of any vehicle to use their mobile phones while behind the wheel, but truck drivers could lose their livelihoods if caught texting or talking on their mobiles. 

At National Heavy Haulage, we fully support safety on the roads, but we’d also like our drivers – and indeed, all truckers out there – to remain in contact with their family throughout the week. Here, then, are our top 10 Bluetooth headsets, enabling truck drivers to make calls while paying attention to what’s going on in front of them.

Top Dawgs are great at cancelling noise, but their overly-large size means they don’t quite do the job for us!

Incorporates noise cancellation technology and voice technology for crystal-clear conversation, and also operates via voice control, meaning it is extra safe to use on the roads.

When it comes to gifts for truckers, VXI BlueParrott have a great range. The Xpressway headset cancels background noise, allows users to switch between two Bluetooth devices and even employs 128-bit encryption, so you don’t have to worry about being overheard (although why that would be a concern is anyone’s guess!)

A neat-looking headset, this gadget from Plantronics is also relatively inexpensive and boasts an impressive 11 hours of talk time.

The Illinois Company have gone all quiet on the mobile phone front, but their latest Bluetooth headset offering does a great job for drivers, with a huge 300 feet roaming distance and an intuitive and comfortable design. It’s dirt cheap, too.

13 hours of talk time, 220 hours of stand-by time and universal compatibility – what more could you ask for from this no-nonsense headset?

Bose are world-renowned for the quality of their speakers, so it’s perhaps no surprise that their Series 2 Bluetooth headset adapts to different environments, so you can still hear your call, whatever the conditions – ideal for heavy equipment transport drivers on Australia’s busy roads!

Resistant to moisture, with voice-activated controls and on-point sound quality, this headset will do the job for any trucker – the only negative is the price.

With the ability to charge in the vehicle, and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology included, this headset is versatile, boasting all the latest amenities, like noise-cancellation tech, too. Some may not appreciate the over-the-head nature of this headset, but your loved one will be able to hear you loud and clear when you’ve got that big mic right in front of your face.

Simply the best handset option for truckers, BlueParrott’s B250-XT has a range of 66 feet, can block out the noise of your engine and the road and is comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day. Heavy transport companies and their drivers swear by this piece of kit.

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