Women in heavy haulage

Women in heavy haulage

Australia has only one international leadership event for the transport industry: the Global Heavy Vehicle Leadership Summit. Hosted by the Australian Road Transport Suppliers' Association (ARTSA), the event will be held at the State Library in Melbourne in May this year.

The Leader's Summit promises to focus on eight key topics for the two-day conference, one of which is sure to be women in heavy haulage. One of the keynote speakers is Iffet Türken, who is the executive board member responsible for business development at German OEM, Kässbohrer.

Kässbohrer is one of Europe's biggest and most productive semi-trailer manufacturers, producing more than 20,000 units per year with the widest overall product range in Europe. Türken, as an executive board member, is therefore one of Europe's most influential figures in the international landscape of the transport industry.

“Having secured İffet’s support is a huge honour for us, as it sends an important message to the global market. We truly admire her passion and achievements in a male dominated industry and can’t wait to learn from her experiences,” commented ARTSA chairman, Dr Peter Hart.

The announcement came in time for International Women's Day, on March 9, when a push from the transport industry to attract more women into heavy haulage in Australia came from various state associations. Nationally, only 4% of women have truck driving roles, of which 14% are bus drivers. In comparison to other industries where women represent 45% of the workforce, this is an incredibly low figure.

"Women have been proven in all parts of other sectors, and especially the mining sector, to be very, very good truck drivers or heavy equipment operators, more sensitive to the equipment, take more care with the equipment," said Robin Phillips from the Tasmanian Transport Association.

Peter Anderson, CEO of the Victorian Transport Association, said: “We must do more to attract women to our industry, and appropriately recognise their experience and qualifications once there. Doing so makes good business sense. With women proven to be successful and highly capable and qualified for many relevant roles.”

National Heavy Haulage is an equal opportunity employer. We recognise that empowering women in heavy haulage strengthens our industry. And you can count on National Heavy Haulage for the latest in industry news and information.

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