7 reasons to choose a career in transport


At National Heavy Haulage, we want people who aren't after a job, but are looking for a long-term career in Australian heavy haulage. The Australian transport industry is a rich environment for people who are hard-working and want to excel in their career. Here are some key advantages to building a career in transport

1. Stability

Transport is the backbone industry of Australia. It employs over 800,000 people and contributes over $130 billion to our economy. With the nature of globalised economies growing stronger, transport will remain a career choice that is sure to offer prolonged growth and opportunity. 

2. Variety

No two jobs or two days are the same in Australian heavy haulage. Whether you are working for a small start-up or a large multinational, or even if you want to start your own business, opportunities abound. 

3. Enter at any level

Whether you are a school-leaver or an accomplished academic, there are roles for you in the Australian heavy transport industry, which recognises that diversity is the key to successful work environments. 

4. Career progression

Ambitious? Excellent. Logistics is a puzzle that requires a vast amount of energy, manpower, knowledge and skill. It is a complex system of growth, constantly creating positions for those who want to thrive. 

5. Freedom

Heavy haulage is not limited to Australia. And even if you want to remain in Australia, you aren't limited geographically to your own state or territory. If you want to live in the country or the city, heavy haulage is one of the few industries that will allow you to live where you want and still find great job opportunities. 

6. Competitive pay

According to the latest research from Price Waterhouse Cooper, Australia's millenial workers are deciding on their future career path with pay potential as the second highest deciding factor. The average wage in the Australian logistics, transport and supply industry is over $71,000.

7. Rewarding work

Every day, you will work with your hands to create solutions that have real-life outcomes. You will work with a team of like-minded individuals to deliver, manage and work toward common goals. It's satisfying and rewarding work that many people dedicate their lives to. 

Call National Heavy Haulage for all the latest insights into the heavy haulage industry in Australia. We know that delays on the road cost you time and can kill your budget. National Heavy Haulage provides dependable and traceable heavy haulage transport solutions. No matter how heavy or oversized your load, we have the equipment, experience and support to deliver on time and budget. 

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