NHVR Inspection Manual Version 2

NHVR drives safety in heavy haulage with revised inspection manual

Safety is the theme for Australia's heavy vehicle sector during March this year, with Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory officially adopting the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's (NHVR) Inspection Manual Version 2.

Streamlining heavy haulage regulations

This is another big move towards streamlining heavy haulage regulations across Australia. Separate and often conflicting rules can cause a lot of confusion for drivers and their companies.

The Inspection Manual Version 2, which was developed after extensive consultation with industry, is part of NHVR’s vision for standardising Australia’s heavy haulage sector and cutting through a lot of the red tape to increase efficiency and safety.

It is expected that all states and territories that agreed to participate in NHVR’s policies will adopt the new manual by 1 July 2016. However, at this stage, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are not part of the NHVR and retain their own policies.

National vehicle roadworthiness program

According to NHVR chief executive officer Sal Petroccitto, the updated inspection manual is the first part of the organisation’s national vehicle Roadworthiness Program, which is designed to give clear standards to enhance the safety of Australia’s heavy haulage fleet.

"The manual provides authorised officers, vehicle examiners and operators a nationally consistent set of criteria used to conduct heavy vehicle inspections and sets a foundation for improving heavy vehicle roadworthiness,” Petroccitto said.

"The NHVR has commenced working with industry on developing tools to assist them incorporate the manual into their maintenance programs.

Preventative maintenance

"With a single set of national inspection criteria, we can work with operators to introduce a proactive approach to roadworthiness that includes preventative maintenance enhancing the safety of their vehicles," he said.

Tasmania implemented the inspection standard on 3 March, with Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding reiterating Petroccitto’s statement that it was another step towards a uniform approach towards heavy vehicle laws nationally.

“This means that as well as delivering the safety and efficiency benefits of the national system, the transition to the national manual will be fairly straightforward and involve little change for operators, or for our heavy vehicle inspection stations,” Hidding said.

Improved safety outcomes

The ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury said heavy haulage operators across the nation would benefit from the improved safety outcomes that the manual will bring.

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