South Australia leads the way with driverless vehicle trials

South Australia leads the way with driverless vehicle trials

Driverless trucks have been in the news again recently, with South Australia becoming the first state to approve on-road driverless vehicle trials. Although National Heavy Haulage's home is in Queensland, we're always happy to hear about advances in trucking in any state. 

The new laws

The new laws put in place mean companies that want to try out new technologies on SA's roads will simply have to submit trial plans and ensure they have sufficient insurance cover in place. 

Stephen Mullighan, the Transport and Infrastructure Minister, said: "South Australia is now positioned to become a key player in this emerging industry and by leading the charge, we are opening up countless new opportunities for our businesses and our economy." Mullighan also said that the industry is going to be worth an estimated AU$90 billion dollars within the next 15 years, representing a huge opportunity for many companies.

The potential of driverless trucks

This announcement came at the same time as Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) officials were getting involved in the European Truck Platooning Challenge in the Netherlands. The ADVI is investigating the potential benefits of truck platooning. Platooning is a way of increasing the roads' capacity through decreasing distances between vehicles, and it would largely be dependent on an automated highway system.

Driverless truck technology could make truck platooning a reality, and offer many advantages to the heavy vehicle industry, haulage customers and road users alike. It opens up the possibility of reduced fuel consumption, safer roads, increased efficiencies and reduced costs. 

With these new laws, it's likely this driverless truck technology will be seen on SA's roads soon. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we see similar steps being taken in Queensland.

Heavy haulage services throughout Australia

If you need to transport your construction or mining equipment, National Heavy Haulage is here to help. We may not have driverless trucks in our fleet just yet, but you can trust us to get your load from A to B safely and efficiently. Get in touch today to find out how our heavy haulage solutions can help your business.

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