Say hello to solar-powered truck stops

Say hello to solar-powered truck stops

Renewable energy and sustainable technology are clearly the future, with more and more discoveries being made and environmentally friendly projects being built all the time. One such project is the world's first solar-powered, off-grid petrol station and truck stop, which was recently built in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Here at National Heavy Haulage, we're always pleased to hear about the latest technological innovations in trucking, so we wanted to share this exciting piece of news.

The aim

Caltex Australia, the company behind the truck stop, wanted to expand their range of truck stops, which includes 300 "truck-friendly sites" and 200 dedicated truck stops. In remote areas, it can be difficult to supply fuel - not because of transport issues, but because of the high price and inefficiency of running a generator to power pumps for a few customers per day. By creating fully solar-powered fuel facilities, Caltex Australia are able to provide fuel in rural locations efficiently.

How it works

Two sites in Pilbara (Tom Price and Onslow) have been set up with on-site battery storage and solar panels, with no connection to mains power. Solar energy will be converted into electricity to power the sites' fuel pumps and payment system. Drivers will be able to access high quality fuel in remote areas, 24 hours a day, and pay with their credit card.

Although truckies and other drivers won't be able to buy a coffee or snack at these sites, they will have a more pleasant experience when driving long distance in rural Australia. It will be much easier to get fuel whenever they need, allowing them to make it to the next town to take a well-deserved break. And with the abundant sunshine that this country offers, these solar powered truck stops seem a logical solution for fuel supply needs in remote locations.

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Read the Caltex Australia press release:  Caltex looks to the sun in outback diesel supply world-first

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