Kenworth is trusted with Australia’s most precious cargo

The winged keel of the victorious challenger Australia II, 1983

On September 25, 1983 it was the day Australia turned the tables on the USA, winning the America’s Cup, the first country to do so in 132 years. The story of Australia II winning the world’s most famous yacht race entered Australian folklore and it was certainly a victory well celebrated right across the country with Prime Minister Bob Hawke declaring that “Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum”.

Returning after the first Australian challenge was in 1962 and sporting the now famous Boxing Kangaroo flag and the controversial winged keel, the hull of Australia II was kept under wraps between races and was subject to attempts by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) to disqualify the boat.

In the Cup races, Australia II got off to a bad start with equipment failures and false starts. The Australians eventually come back to win the 1983 America's Cup. This was the first time the NYYC had lost the cup in 132 years and 26 challenges. Alan Bond, known as a flamboyant and controversial Australian businessman and a Cup challener,  joked that the cup would be renamed "The Australia's Cup".

Kenworth carries the Cup

Following the America’s Cup victory, Australia II spent the rest of the year touring the country and it was a Kenworth prime mover that was trusted with the precious cargo.

We trust Kenworth trucks just as much today with our customers’ cargo, which is why you’ll find Kenworths are a core part of our heavy haulage fleet.

As a proud, independent Australian company, Kenworth designs and builds its trucks to the exacting safety standards we need – specifically to suit local Australian conditions and operations.

You can watch the America’s Cup victory all over again - and see the Kenworth prime mover in action in this video from Australian Story.

If you’re after a transport solution for your precious oversize cargo – whatever it is – we can get it safely where it needs to be. Contact us today for a quote. Call 1300 79 22 49.

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