5 essential tips for new truck drivers

5 essential tips for new truck drivers

So, you've decided to become a truckie and you've completed all your training - congratulations! You're about to start an amazing adventure that will likely span the whole of Australia. Once you've found your first job, keep the following tips in mind to ensure a successful and happy trucking career.

1. Take enough breaks

Fatigue management is a large part of being a truckie. You need to be able to recognise when you need to take a break and stay up-to-date with the laws surrounding how long you can drive for. This is essential, both for your safety and the safety of other road users.

2. Call friends and family

You'll probably be spending most of your time on the open road, with little more than the radio for company. For your sanity, we recommend regularly calling your friends or family. When you take a break, get your mind stimulated by calling someone you know and catching up. You could also invest in a hands-free option, so that you can occasionally talk on the phone while you're driving.

3. Decide on entertainment

With so much time spent on the road, you're inevitably going to get bored sometimes. Plan for this by ensuring you have some form of entertainment available to you. Get your radio tuned into your favourite station, load up your MP3 player with your favourite music, podcasts or audio books, and have a tablet, book or pack of cards ready for when you're taking a break from driving.

4. Make diet and exercise plans

Sitting down and driving all day can be bad for your health - you won't be getting much exercise as part of your job and it's easy to make poor food choices for the sake of convenience. Do your best to stay healthy by planning an exercise regime (you could join the gym near your house) and paying attention to what you eat (pack veggies, fruit and nuts rather than snacking on burgers and crisps at truck stops).

5. Stay up-to-date with safety training

Driving safely is an essential part of being a truck driver, so ensure you read up on the latest safety advice and laws and attend any training sessions your company holds.

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