A truckers' guide to driving safely in windy conditions

 A truckers' guide to driving safely in windy conditions

While driving heavy vehicles is dangerous at the best of times, high wind conditions make it even more dangerous. Heavy haulage trucks, in particular, are prone to high wind conditions, as they are taller than most surrounding vehicles on the road, while the massive surface of the trailer itself acts as a “sail” that catches the wind.

If this occurs, the trailer will shake and may eventually tip the entire prime mover over. If you find yourself driving in high winds, you must exercise an even higher degree of caution.

Prepare before you leave

Check the wind conditions before you disembark. It is best to know what you are up against before you start driving on the open road. If you know you will be facing high wind conditions you can ensure you are better prepared. Take the time to secure all of your doors and your load that you are carrying. Make sure the load you are carrying meets all national, state or territory requirements and are fitted securely to your vehicle. A thorough once-over of your truck before you set out can spare you a possible disaster.

Take note of signs

On the road there are often signs indicating areas or stretches of road that are prone to unusual wind conditions. If you encounter a sign warning you about high wind conditions, lower your speed to reduce the amount of force the wind has on your vehicle. Windsocks, grass and vegetation are also good indicators of the surrounding wind conditions so keep and eye out and adjust your speed accordingly.

Beware of empty trailers

Empty trailers have proven to be extremely dangerous. When a trailer is empty, it is lighter and therefore more susceptible to wind manipulation. Even a reasonably modest gust of wind can catch an empty trailer and interfere with your driving. It is always best to avoid driving a semi-trailer truck with an empty trailer in high wind conditions.

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