Trucker terminology: heavy machinery, haulage and oversize load

Trucker terminology: heavy machinery, haulage and oversize load

If you are a trucker in the haulage industry, you will hear a lot of terminology relating to loads. The three most common terms you will come across are heavy machinery, oversize load and haulage. But what exactly is meant by these three terms?

What is heavy machinery?

As of 10 February 2014, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) regulates what constitutes a heavy vehicle throughout Australia. According to this regulation, a heavy vehicle is defined as any vehicle that weighs 4.5 tonnes or more. This rule can also be used to classify heavy machinery loads. It is important to note, however, that each Australian state and territory has their own individual heavy vehicle laws regarding vehicle registration, inspection and licensing. Legal matters related to the transport of dangerous goods also differ according to the authority of each state and territory. It is important to consider these alternative authorities if you are travelling interstate.

What is an oversize load?

An oversize (wide) load is a load that exceeds the design limits of the truck, road, bridge, crossing or highway the load is travelling on. This means that the loads are either too high, too wide, or too heavy to meet regulations. Some loads are so wide they take up the entire width of the highway.

In Queensland, common oversize loads include: portable buildings, mining and agricultural equipment, and other large pieces of machinery.

Due to the complex and often dangerous nature of oversize transport jobs, you or your transport provider will need to organise a police or pilot vehicle to escort oversize loads. In Queensland, you will need an excess dimension permit if your vehicle and load is over 5.5 m wide and/or 5.0 m high.

What is haulage?

Haulage is a general term used to describe the transport of commodities, such as ore and coal, raw materials or waste materials via road or railways. When these loads are made of heavy materials or are transported in large quantities, they can weigh several tonnes, which classifies them as heavy haulage. If your load is under 4.5 tonnes and is not haulage or oversized, your load would be considered general freight.

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