Truckers now keeping traffic signals green

truckers can change traffic signals

Have you ever wished will power alone could turn traffic lights green? There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in gridlocked traffic and watching a traffic light cycle several times before you can eventually move.

This is a common frustration for heavy haulage drivers who have to navigate traffic congestion and countless red lights throughout a single consignment. In addition, drivers lose momentum braking and accelerating while hauling large loads. This can easily create traffic jams as drivers of heavy loads take longer to gear up from a standstill. It is counterproductive and inefficient – consuming extra fuel, adding time to a driver’s journey and causing havoc as other drivers attempt to pass.

Heavy haulage drivers in New South Wales will soon be able to avoid this frustration with the roll out of a new technology that allows trucks to “talk” to traffic signals.

Easing Congestion on New South Wales Roads

New South Wales Minister for Roads Duncan Gay announced the new technology trial which aims to minimise the amount of traffic light stops for heavy vehicles

“Heavy vehicles take a long time to stop and start, which can cause delays for all road users,” Gay said.

It is expected this technology will ease delays and offer smoother traffic flow by providing more “green time” for heavy vehicles.

New Technology Enables Trucks to “Talk” to Traffic Signals

The New South Wales Government is delivering this project in conjunction with Australian technology company Codha Wireless.

Codha Wireless developed the technology known as Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (CITS). For the trial, CITS technology will be installed in 110 heavy vehicles that travel New South Wales roads.

The technology will also be integrated into more than 100 existing traffic light intersections across Sydney, including the city’s most congested freight corridors such as sections of Pennant Hills Road, Parramatta Road and King Georges Road.

CITS works by creating wireless communication links between the heavy vehicles and the road infrastructure.

Simply put, the trucks “talk” to the traffic lights as they approach, which prompts the signals to remain green so the heavy vehicle can pass through uninterrupted.

It is expected this will minimise the amount of times a truck will be forced to stop at lights on New South Wales roads and, in turn, facilitate a smoother traffic flow. Truck drivers are anticipated to have shorter trips – saving operators time and fuel costs.

If the trial is successful, the New South Wales Government will look at rolling out the technology in emergency vehicles and buses.

National Heavy Haulage remains focused on driver safety. Our road safety records are exemplary and we will continue to provide the best service delivery to the mining and construction industry.

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