GPS tracking essential for reliable heavy haulage

Advanced GPS tracking improves service

With so many trucks in the National Heavy Haulage fleet, our multitude of clients expect the smooth and efficient management of their important heavy haulage project at any given time. GPS tracking is essential.

Advanced GPS tracking improves service

Part of meeting those expectations involves advanced GPS fleet tracking to ensure the highest levels of productivity, safety and customer service can be delivered consistently.

National Heavy Haulage uses the Pinpoint  Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM) system to provide the real time visibility required to effectively manage the fleet of trucks that could be moving anywhere in Australia.

The Pinpoint system enables National Heavy Haulage to see exactly where each vehicle is at any time. This real time tracking makes for improved dispatching, more accurate estimates on pick up and delivery times as well as greater security for drivers, trucks and freight.

Real time GPS vehicle tracking has many benefits

Not only does the Pinpoint system help National Heavy Haulage keep clients informed of the status of their oversized load, it also provides the company with valuable data and tools to assist with safety and vehicle maintenance.

From our office in Yatala, National Heavy Haulage Operations Manager, Boyd Lester has an enormous amount of information at his fingertips with the Pinpoint system. As well as tracking vehicle location, he can check or monitor other factors affecting service, safety and efficiency including, speed, fuel and battery state.

Lester, who carried out expensive investigations into AVM systems before selecting Pinpoint believes it’s the best available; “It has far better alerts that can be placed on the trucks that get emailed back to me directly e.g. Speeding, Sudden Stops, Ignition On or Off, there are a total of 32 different alerts that we can use if required,” he explains.

Real time tracking has many benefits

The Pinpoint system can be further integrated to help fleet and operations managers with maintenance. “It is also linked to Google maps which increases the information we can gather. This works in our driver’s favour when we get intercepted by the various law enforcement agencies around the country. We also have it linked to our service requirements and it reminds us 2000 kms prior as it keeps track of kms and engine hours, it is so far superior to what else is on the market,” says Lester.

Constant improvements in tracking ability and the type of data available will continue to provide tech-savvy Operations Managers like Lester with more and more control over the essential factors relating to improved efficiency and service.

National Heavy Haulage are specialists in the reliable, trackable transportation of heavy and oversized loads. Our modern fleet of prime movers and trailers use the advanced GPS tracking system by Pinpoint systems. The Pinpoint System GPS is essential for our deliver of freight and our commitment to provide the smoothest, most efficient heavy haulage solution each and every time.

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