Compliance and insurance for heavy haulage explained

Insurance for heavy haulage simplified!

The heavy haulage business involves shifting oversize or overmass equipment that happens to be worth a lot of money so insurance is important.

You most likely have contractors plant, machinery or plant and equipment insurance in place already to protect against a range of risks that can be encountered in day to day operation of your equipment. When it comes to moving your equipment, there are additional insurances required.

Heavy Haulage insurance requirements

Before transporting your goods, National Heavy Haulage requires you hold:

  • Insurance against theft or loss of any kind to the full replacement value;
  • Public liability insurance for a minimum value of $20 million on a per occurrence basis; and
  • Maintain workers compensation insurance as required by law.

National Heavy Haulage also maintains insurances and together you’re covered for damage, loss, accident, fire, theft or overturning of the vehicle.

Making heavy haulage easier

National Heavy Haulage takes care of the required permits and paperwork for oversize loads so your heavy haulage job runs as smoothly as possible.

Ensuring the entire process runs like clockwork results in happy clients like Greg Ferguson, Plant Manager at Robson Civil.

‘With a large amount of modern plant and equipment, Robson Civil rely on quality service providers who can deliver our equipment to various sites throughout Australia, intact and on time. National Heavy Haulage provide this service, through a dedicated management team and vehicles that are of the highest standard in the transport industry,’ Ferguson wrote.

3 ways National Heavy Haulage maintains quality assurance

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and professional heavy haulage company, take a look at some of the benefits of using National Heavy Haulage:

National Heavy Haulage does everything possible to ensure your cargo is safe and secure throughout transport, however loading, transporting and unloading equipment does involve a level of risk and even with strict safety measures and extensive heavy haulage experience, proper insurances are essential.

For more information on insurances and heavy haulage requirements take a look at our terms and conditions, call us on 1300 79 22 49 or email us.

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