How we achieve a safe and efficient heavy haulage

National Heavy Haulage NHH20 getting a full wheel alignment and axle recamber

There’s no doubt about it, heavy haulage trucks get some tough gigs - thousands of kilometres of outback roads littered with pot-holes carting oversize loads can take their toll on the trucks and trailers.

When efficiency and safety are top priorities, regular truck maintenance is key.

Fleet maintenance essential

The Operations Manager at National Heavy Haulage is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the modern National Heavy Haulage fleet.

“For us, the most important things in heavy haulage are getting the job done safely and cost effectively. Our clients want to know that we’re reliable, capable and affordable, so making sure our trucks are well-maintained is a massive part of that,” he explains.

Our Team makes sure the National Heavy Haulage fleet is maintained to within an inch of its life, because that’s what helps to:

  • Improve safety;
  • Reduce component wear;
  • Avoid excessive fuel consumption;
  • Extend the life of the vehicle; and
  • Reduce tyre wear.

One element of truck maintenance that can have a huge impact on performance is wheel alignment because misaligned wheels affect safety, wear and fuel consumption. When it comes to keeping the National Heavy haulage trucks properly aligned, we choose “the best people in wheel alignment in town” - Straight Wheels Truck Alignment.

Straight Wheels keeps National Heavy Haulage aligned

Straight Wheels Truck Alignment is a family owned business based on Rocklea, Brisbane. For more than 20 years they have provided specialist alignment, steering and suspension services to the transport industry.

Since trucks have tandem axles, wheel alignment is more complicated than it is on other vehicles. Axles that are not absolutely parallel or perpendicular to the vehicle centre line can cause “thrust” or “scrub” angle issues. Not only do these misalignment problems impact on the driver who needs to constantly fight the wheel (which causes fatigue), they can cost a transport company (and their clients) a lot of money due to unnecessary wear and tear.

The state of the art Straight Wheels Truck Alignment  facility uses laser alignment technology and cutting-edge equipment for axle correction, steering and suspension adjustment to the achieve the kind of precision alignment Lester requires for the National Heavy Haulage fleet.

Impeccable providers like Straight Wheels help National Heavy Haulage maintain its unblemished safety record and provide a more reliable heavy haulage transport service.

National Heavy Haulage transports oversize and overmass loads around Australia, often to remote locations. If you have an excess dimension or excess weight job that needs to go anywhere in Australia, leave it in our hands to organise the most efficient and cost effective truck and take care of all your permits. Call is on 1300 79 22 49 or drop us a note to find out more.

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