The Best Truck Rest Stops in Australia

The best truck rest stops in Australia

Australia depends on its truckers to get heavy machinery across the country, but these pieces of equipment would cost too much if the risk to our drivers outweighed the benefits of their transportation.

This is why National Heavy Haulage takes its safety record so seriously. We want our truckies to stay healthy while doing their job. We perform random drug tests and have regular safety briefings and toolbox talks and we check out all of our equipment on a regular basis. Our goal is to keep the Australian heavy haulage industry a healthy environment, where truckers can work in with confidence.

Laws in this country demand that haulage workers take regular breaks and with that in mind our government has built rest areas for truckers to unwind after a long day on the road. There’s a fair selection in every state and most main highways, here are some of the best:

The Kingsbury VC rest area

On the Hume Highway, between Sydney and Albury, the trucker can use the restroom while the dog stretches his legs. If you need to check in with your family there is mobile phone coverage available. You’ll find this rest stop 33 kilometres south of Mittagong, or 52 kilometres north-east of Goulburn.

Mathison rest area

Located 102 km southwest of Katherine or 92 km north-east of Victoria River. Grab some water and fire up the barbie. Overnight stays allowed if required whilst paperwork and permits come through. Enjoy a leisurely atmosphere, hot meal and a snooze.

Nakara rest area

Can be found on the Barrier Highway, on the New South Wales border and 27 kms north east of Oodla Wirra. Only available to eastbound traffic. No restrooms though. Offering plenty of shade whilst you eat your lunch, it keeps the hot Aussie sun from your back while you enjoy that well-earned rest.

Lagoon of Island rest area

Between Deloraine, Midland Highway; turn off at Steppes. Then head four kilometres down of unsealed highway on the shores of the lake. The dog can enjoy a swim and there’s plenty of room for large vehicles, so take advantage of the break.

Balmattum rest area

On the Hume Highway between Wodonga and Melbourne. There is a barbie area, mobile phone coverage and water. Take a break in the shade. This stop is for northbound traffic only.

Hines Hill rest area

On the Great Eastern Highway between Perth and Coolgardie. 37 km east of Kellerberrin or 20 km west of Merredin. Stay overnight if you need to and wake up ready to tackle the rest of that highway.

Even if you miss one of these rest stops, others are only a few kilometres away.

Our drivers do one of the most important jobs in this country, hauling heavy machinery across mixed terrain to the towns, cities and remote locations. National Heavy Haulage is committed to their staff and their safety. Truck stops aren't just necessary for safety purposes. Our team are far more productive if they are rested and ready for the task of providing the Australian heavy haulage industry with its lifeblood, the best truck drivers for the job.

National Heavy Haulage is committed to providing a reliable heavy haulage service across Australia.


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