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South Australia leads the way with driverless vehicle trials

South Australia leads the way with driverless vehicle trials

Driverless trucks have been in the news again recently, with South Australia becoming the first state to approve on-road driverless vehicle trials. Although National Heavy Haulage's home is in Queensland, we're always happy to hear about advances in trucking in any state. 

Farewell to Alan Brown AOM, an industry pioneer

Farewell to Alan Brown AOM, an industry pioneer

The Australian Transport Industry is in mourning following the passing of Alan Brown OAM. Alan was a joint founder of The Brown and Hurley Group. He passed away at the age of 94 at the Hope Island Arcare nursing home following a short illness.

Alan was a road transport industry pioneer and a local legend in the NSW town of Kyogle, the home of Brown and Hurley since the company’s inception in 1946. 

Peak body calls for consistent training and regulations

National Heavy Haulage shortage of drivers

At a time when skilled truck drivers are becoming rarer, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has called for consistent licencing and training within the country’s heavy haulage sector.

At a recent Aspects of Road Safety senate inquiry, the ATA highlighted the need for uniform heavy haulage licencing regulations and driver training across all Australian states and territories and heavy haulage driver education providers.

ATA to cut red tape with new contract checklist

2016 Trucking Australia Conference

Wading through a contract can be a tedious and confusing process, with parties on both sides easily getting muddled in legalese jargon and red tape. To make picking through trucking contracts easier for those in the heavy haulage sector, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) will publish a contract checklist in June this year.

NHVR Inspection Manual Version 2

NHVR drives safety in heavy haulage with revised inspection manual

Safety is the theme for Australia's heavy vehicle sector during March this year, with Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory officially adopting the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's (NHVR) Inspection Manual Version 2.

What's on for the trucking industry in 2016?

What’s on for the trucking industry in 2016?

As 2016 progresses, there are a few not-to-be missed events on the horizon for the heavy haulage sector. Each event aims to share knowledge, encourage networking and help the industry, as a whole, face upcoming challenges and embrace technology.

7 reasons to choose a career in transport

8 reasons to choose a career in transport

At National Heavy Haulage, we want people who aren't after a job, but are looking for a long-term career in Australian heavy haulage. The Australian transport industry is a rich environment for people who are hard-working and want to excel in their career. Here are some key advantages to building a career in transport

Women in heavy haulage

Women in heavy haulage

Australia has only one international leadership event for the transport industry: the Global Heavy Vehicle Leadership Summit. Hosted by the Australian Road Transport Suppliers' Association (ARTSA), the event will be held at the State Library in Melbourne in May this year.

Attracting the next generation of drivers

Attracting the next generation of drivers

Given that the number of young people signing up for the transport profession is decreasing, it is clear truck transport companies need to seriously consider how to attract the next generation of heavy haulage drivers.

Top 10 best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers

Top 10 best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers

When you’re driving heavy freight transport long distances, it can be easy to get a little bored on the road. What’s more, heavy transportation drivers will often be away for days at a time, leaving their families at home during the week.